fredag den 25. maj 2007

gryffaloo socks

I am making my pal a second pair of socks, namely the Bakerloo socks from Magknits, designed by Alice Bell.

I have cast of 114 sts, knitted 20 rows, placed 38 on a stitch holder and is ready to knit 19,5 rows of the remaining 76 sts for the leg.

I intend to incorporate one of my house colours in these socks, I will knit yellow soles, we are still out on what colours the cuff, heel and toe will be.

I am having so much fun with this swap, and If you would like to have as much fun as I then sign up for round 2, signups starts July 14.

I'll leave you with a snapshot of the kids, yesterday evening.

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Anonym sagde ...

Bakerloo ser vildt spændende ud. Mon ikke man kan bruge den danske version fra Bendix.
Kære børn du har.
KH Lise